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App FC 390 在AppStore中共有9个词有排名,其中前三名共有1个词,第4名至第10名共有0个词,第11名至第100名共有0个词。在AppStore有0次打分,最终得分0.0分。
分类:娱乐 音乐
支持设备:iphone ipod
开发者:High Speed Boyz Inc.
官方简介: The Official app for KEN THE 390! Everything you want to know about KEN THE 390 is ailable on your hands. 【Features included in this app】 ▼ News Receive all the latest news updates. ▼ Alarm Go to sleep and get up with alarm. ▼ Let’s Talk Chat with the artist and other fans of them directly. ▼ M Map Check the place to go and spots the artist are recommended ▼ Cloud player Play the music video like a music player. ▼ Pickup Check the word which the artist is interested in. ▼ Tour Receive all the latest tour updates. ▼ Blog 'Like' rankings with optional micropayments. You will be able to support the artists by billing. Some of the collected revenue is paid to the artist, it will be their activity funds. ▼ Player(Music) Listen to music include exclusive songs and make a playlist for yourself. ▼ Photobook View exclusive photos of the artist. ▼ M Radio Listen to the radio program of the artist, and approach the real face of the artist. ▼ M Photo Make the photo with the artists logo. ▼ Video Player Watch the video which only ailable on this app. ▼ Live Tools "MaTuRi Fire" images universal flame turned on in a concert. You can light up the screen of the device. "MaTuRi Shake" is the feature that can send the energy that is accumulated because you w e a device to the artist. The energy is accumulated and is become ranking. ▼ Profile You can confirm the activity history of the artist and can access Youtube, SoundCloud, the official WEB site. In addition, you can read the discography. ▼ Store This is the page where you can list the artists of the online shop. ▼ MyWish It is the page that spelled thought to the music of the artist. ▼ SNS The SNS formula account of the artist is settled. ▼ Feedback You can feedback in this app. ▼ User (Account) - Change of the user Icon - Change of the username - Making of the self-introduction sentence - Registration of M Member (paid member) - Cooperation setting of SNS - Confirmation of transfer ID* * As for you, the same app installed in a different device can succeed current data using transfer ID. 【Subscription ( M Member )】 This app needs monthly basis charge if you keep using some of features. You can use all features(Except part of Talk function) after verifying mobile number for free for 30 days. You can not use these functi [Talk(Except part of Talk function)Music, M Radio] after 30 days, but you can keep using all features(Except part of Talk function) if you join the "M Member" (monthly subscription). ▼ The


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1 fc 390 74 1
316 rapnet 4,605 1,512
498 rap 4,606 1,589
677 hip hop berserker 318 1,437
681 hip hop 4,605 1,444
1195 japanese words 日语单词速记-免费版 980 1,750
1202 fb 4,638 1,654
1204 ffc 4,605 1,750
1543 dream 4,608 1,558

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