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支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:IDFDesign S.R.L.
官方简介: COMPANY Divanidea is the creator, distributer and developer of a monobrand, a firm in production with over 40 years of experience in sofas of high quality, with exceptional attention to details and manufactures. This is the new prospective which differs from our compe s, many of which are only distributors not producers, that offers tangible benefits not only in the quality, but also in service. This autonomous positioning from compe s aims to realize an excellent product, with high content of service and customization, guaranteed from direct production; it also emphasizes the design and quality differences and increases the product culture, through an attractive trading proposal: to retailer and to customers alike. Architects, material experts, upholsterers, craftsmen and interior decorator work at Divanidea and they co-operate in all production phases: from drawings to delivery. Their work guarantees to every product design, comfort, functionality and materials optimization to reach an excellent connection between quality and price. A direct spin between clients, stores and production let the maximum freedom of customization and concrete reliability, with regards to custom made in every single detail. The laboratory of design prototype and style, directly creates the shapes, upholstery, and the colours for all our exclusive models. Sofas, armchairs and accessories are handmade exclusively in Italy following the artisan tradition and sophisticated technologies. Our style office accurately selects the materials according to standards of certificated quality, which render each sofa, armchair or bed an unique piece. Divanidea is present at furniture internationals fairs and it studies the new market trends to bring the sign and the style of “made in Italy” in everyone life. Divanidea is placed in all Italy and abroad with high-qualif stores. QUALITY Divanidea had made a commitment: for absolute quality. Divanidea controls the whole productive series. All the labour is entirely curr out in Italy, such as tanning of skins, accurately selected, cut and hand-stitched to guarantees the softness, sweating and durability. Fabrics are realized in collaboration with the best textile Italian industries, with great attention to yarn, weft and design so that we can offer a range of highest quality that is up to date. The production pays attention to the quality of the hidden parts such as stuffing in different density non-deforming polyurethane foam and r


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