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分类:健康健美 体育
支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:Valxer di Romeo Mariani
官方简介: Training at home, but with your mind and eyes of wonderful landscapes and itineraries thought just for you! Exciting places that You can explore while using your treadmill, your stationery bike or your stepper. Train on tracks (or paths) that we h e thought for you or you decide where, by creating new ones. Feel free to train when you want, in all liberty or with a training programs designed in according at your physical data. Please, be truthful! We will be able to help you train and take care of yourself. We will calculate your minimum and maximum aerobic rate based on the information you provided. Connect your device to a Bluetooth 4.0 LE compatible cardio belt and train adapting your speed to your heartbeat. Like a personal trainer, if you train under the minimum rate, you will be requested to increase your pace on the tool you are using (treadmill, stationery bike or stepper) or, if you train above your maximum rate, you will be requested to reduce your speed in order to lower your bpm (beats for minute). Share your training with your friends, on the Social Networks, and look at yourself in pictures taken during sports activities. End, if you afraid to forget your workouts? Fear no more. You choose the days in which your can or prefer to train, pick your tool or tools, and the numbers of weeks, Virtual Roads organizes everything. Create your Virtual Roads calendar and if you use iCloud in calendar, your training sessi will be synchronized on all your devices. Are yo e to start? Requirements: The Virtual Roads application required an internet connection


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