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支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:Pascal Meheut
官方简介: WP 34s is the most powerful and complete implementation of a classic RPN scientific calculator. Now ailable on iOS too (see the support site for other emulators and for the real stuff). The function set of the WP 34S is based on the most powerful programmable RPN calculators built so far and we expanded the set, incorporating programmer functi (base 2, 8 & 16), a fraction mode, probability distributi , a stopwatch... We also included numerous additional useful functi for mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, programming, I/O, etc., such as: + Euler’s Beta and Riemann’s Zeta functi , Bernoulli and Fibonacci numbers, Lambert’s W, the error function, and the Chebyshev, Hermite, Laguerre, and Legendre orthogonal polynomials (no more need to carry he y printed tables), + many statistical distributi and their inverses: Poisson, Binomial, Geometric, Cauchy-Lorentz, Exponential, Logistic, Weibull, Lognormal, and Gaussian, + programmable sums and products, first and second derivatives, solving quadratic equati for real and complex roots, + testing for primality, + integer computing in fif bases from binary to hexadecimal, + extended date and time operati and a stopwatch3 based on a real-time clock, + financial operati such as mean rate of return and margin calculati , + 88 conversi , mainly from old Imperial to universal SI units and vice versa, + 50 fundamental physical c tants as accurate as used today by national standards institutes such as NIST or PTB, plus a selection of important c tants from mathematics, astronomy, and surveying, + Greek and extended Latin letters covering the languages of almost half of the world’s population (upper and lower case in two font sizes), plus mathematical symbols. A beginner manual can be downloaded at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/files/doc/WP_34S_Beg_Guide.pdf and a full, very complete version at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wp34s/files/doc/Manual_wp_34s_3_1.pdf


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