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分类:体育 模拟游戏 游戏 动作游戏
支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:Valxer di Romeo Mariani
官方简介: VR2: Enjoy your running. Slip on your shoes, jump on your Performance Mod. New Daytona P1141 treadmill, grab your remote and explore your route. You decide. No itinerary, no c traints: you decide your goals. Your curiosity will determine your workout: decide whether you want to run right, left, whether to cross a river or scale the slopes, or enjoy running uphill or down . . . and every moment will amount to a different experience. It’s not how much, but how; it’s the quality of the training, the sensati , clear your mind until you lose track of time... Don’t believe it? Give it a try. WARNING: the application is compatible with the treadmill Performance New Daytona mod. P1141 complete with kit VR2.0


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