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分类:游戏 策略游戏 益智解谜
支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:Navigation-Info Kft.
官方简介: In 2098, there is a war raging between humanity and a suddenly emerged alien race. As the captain of a V-81 cargo ship, your mission is to provide the United Space Protection Division with critical supply. Your mission begins in the safe zones behind front lines, but you may also need to enter restricted war zones, when duty calls. Spaceship transport is a logic game, where the player’s goal is to pick up cargo and take it to the base. The game contains 3 missi (Forbidden zone, Alien attack, Nuclear war), 20 levels each. As the game progresses, the number of game elements increases, making puzzles more and more complex.


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328 电视 4,605 933
333 4,605 933
450 4,779 1,100
519 4,610 1,155
695 j 4,606 1,440
828 5,123 1,643
1291 快播 4,611 1,340

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