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分类:购物 生活
支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:IDFDesign S.R.L.
官方简介: The online furnishing exhibition on the palm of your hand. Ideal for the designer or the specialized architect for the decoration of bars, restaurants, hotels, ships and large-scale projects, where the certificati of the materials and the containment of costs are essential. Perfect for the architect or the individual who needs to refurbish or decorate a home. Excellent for individuals or professionals who seek information and quotati on different quantities and types of furniture. With IDFdesign you can browse through the products and the latest proposals of the best Italian furniture and turnkey contract companies. - info request form directly to the sales manager of the producer - search engine for a quick n igation through products and companies - visual n igation in the product categories to immediately identify the interesting categories - management of f orites and history to record and later view the most interesting products - no need of data connection to review what you h e alre seen: the contents are loaded at the first visualization - 15000 products of over 250 selected brands - you can zoom in and see more pictures for each product - and many more features...


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757 home design 3d 4,606 1,261
758 家居3d设计diy-完整版- home design 3d-full chinese version 1,075 1,247
843 家居3d设计diy - home design 3d freemium 2,790 1,247
900 design home <50 1,399

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