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分类:摄影与录像 娱乐
支持设备:iphone ipad ipod
开发者:Streann Media
官方简介: GRAVITY is the resp e to the evolution of the broadcasting industry that is changing the way we create, distribute and view content Live and On Demand. With the addition of innovative ideas made concrete by current and future technologies, we embarked on a new business opportunity to give value to Audio Video content, giving the ability to monetize effectively with producers and a unique experience those who display them. THE FUNCTI OF GRAVITY: - Live TV is the ability to transmit the linear channels with support for viewing and configuration according to user requirements. - VOD (Video On Demand) allows the user access to personalized multimedia content thus offering the ability to request and display a movie or a specific program at the exact moment when you wish. - Time Shifted TV allows the user to watch a program from the beginning or from where you paused the live broadcast. - STB, Smartphone and Tablet, Multi-screen. The platform allows you to view the content offered on any type of even in Multi-screen device. - Social media integration allows users to be connected even while viewing the content. - NDVR (network DVR) enables the recording function to non-local network level. The user can start instant recording of a live channel or record a program via the program guide (EPG). Once registered, users can play videos directly from the recordings menu. - Virtual Reality and stream 360. The only limit is your imagination. ALWAYS NEW FEATURES: Each new version of the GRAVITY app will always be enriched with new functi .


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1030 midea 4,605 1,403
1171 live photo动态壁纸 5,827 1,858
1424 livephotos 4,606 1,858
1467 live photo壁纸 4,605 1,853
1489 livephoto 4,711 1,819
1574 live photo 6,462 1,858
1687 live photos 4,617 1,829

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